Terms & Conditions



  • Always wipe moisture promptly and dry with a clean, soft cloth. Excess water or wet utensils may leave stains and can also cause the wood to swell or warp.
  • Avoid outdoor use and keep away from direct sunlight
  • In case of stains, gently clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry immediately. Avoid ammonia and alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Clean the stove and burner daily, so that the food particles don’t stick to it.
  • If there is a steel sink in the modular kitchen, clean the sink with soft nylon scrubbing pad so that the steel doesn’t get scratched.
  • Get your chimney serviced by the manufacturer/ brand every 6 months for optimum functionality.
  • Clean the entire refrigerator once a week with soapy water.
  • For cleaning metallic surfaces, if any, clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry immediately. To renew shine, gently polish with oil. Kindly do a patch test on a hidden area before use.



  • Exposing the furniture to intense heat, from hot food or coffee cups, could damage the finish. Coasters and mats should be used to keep any hot objects on wooden furniture.
  • Avoid dragging any sharp objects on the wooden surface to prevent scratches and other damages.
  • Do not use any cleaning product containing chloride. Use cold water or mild detergents, if required.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals on hardware, hinges and handles. Clean with a soft cloth/ brush or if required, use a mild glass cleaner.
  • Avoid acidic, abrasive and corrosive cleaning products of all kinds.
  • For retouching of any kind, do not use polish or paint products on your own. We recommend using professional services. However, retouching of any kind will automatically void warranty.
  • While operating the shutters, do not lean or put any weight on the shutters.
  • Do not use petroleum-based chemicals for cleaning acrylic or membrane surfaces.
  • Do not clean the kitchen floor or sink with hydrochloric acid as the acid fumes will cause the coating on the SS hardware and hinges to rust.
  • Avoid alkaline water as it has high pH which can cause marks and stains on stainless steel surfaces.
  • Please do not put excess weight in your cabinets, shelves and drawers, than the recommended load capacity.
  • Do not allow kids to play with the shutters/ doors.



  1. Chimney, Sink, Hob, Gas Piping, Granite along with the labour cost associated are not included in the quotation unless mentioned otherwise.
  2. Light Fittings, Geyser, Bathroom Fittings, Fans and any other electrical fittings are not included in the quotation unless mentioned otherwise.
  3. Any product that is not added in the Quotation has to be assumed as Non Tendered Product, a revised quote will be provided for the same.
  4. Client has to take builder consent for alteration of the existing electrical wiring/points and plumbing wiring/points. Client holds the responsibility of any alternation work & has to deal with builder directly in case of any issues. Alteration of electrical points will be charged extra: 15-25K for 2BHK, 25-35K for 3BHK and 35-50K for 4BHK, it varies as per the scope of work, it may reduce & even go beyond the mentioned approximate cost.
  5. False ceiling cost doesn’t include wiring, light fixtures & painting cost unless mentioned otherwise.
  6. Interazzo execution team takes the responsibility of moving debris to garbage room of the apartment/villa premises. Moving debris outside premises will be charged to client INR 2000 per truck load.
  7. Interazzo execution team takes the responsibility of cleaning floor & interiors before moving out of the site. Deep cleaning services will be charged extra as per vendors quote.
  8. Floor covering is not included as part of quotation, if required, it will be charged extra at INR 8 per sq.ft.
  9. Hettich Topline 22 / Mepla S1+ fitting will bring 15 mm gap between the Inner Sliding Door and Loft as we need that much gap during the maintenance.
  10. Hettich Topline 22 / Mepla S1+ fitting will bring 15 mm gap between the door overlapping. For Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes, Interazzo Custom Sliding by Ebco, Hettich Classic Duo, Hettich Topline XL Sliding fitting will bring 100 mm gap between ceiling & shutter top edge as we need that much gap during the fresh fitment & maintenance. If client needs lesser gap, Hettich  Topline 22 / Mepla S1+ fitting can also be used for Floor to Ceiling which will bring just 20 mm gap b/w ceiling & shutter top edge.
  11. Product with glossy finish on ply board may have some unevenness look and feel due to lighting effect.
  12. Laminates (Archidlam, Greenlam, Century, Merino) & Edge Banding (Rehau, E3) manufacturers are different. Hence for uncommon colors Laminates & Edge banding doesn’t match properly.
  13. Only imported Acrylic & Glaks will have 95% matching edge banding. OR Customers should select laminate as per matching edge banding.
  14. Removal of existing old kitchen, wardrobe, any kind of minor civil work like granite removal, tiles removal will be charged extra.
  15. Any major kind of civil work like wall removal, core cutting in beam etc. will be at client’s responsibility. Client has to take builder approval in written for the same.
  16. If Ceiling Fan point given by builder is not centre, either we should design accordingly to fan position given by builder OR anchor bolt can be fixed on client’s risk. While fixing anchor bolt our electrician can show that it can take a person’s weight but life of anchor bolt can’t be promised.
  17. Gola profile makes cabinetry look premium & completely handless but consumes space in carcass which make storage space less vertically. If need more info, please clarify with our design team during design phase.



  1. Client shall provide the company reasonable access to the site, electricity, society pass to the premises for completing the installation and other service work. Any delay in providing access to the facility will result in delay in completion of the work.
  2. In event of situation where the Company does not have access to the site or the site is not ready, Client would pay the balance amount to Company. The Company shall complete the work when the site is ready, as notified by the Client. Allowing Company to take photos & videos of the completed work for Company’s promotion purposes. 



Interazzo shall undertake full responsibility of, and hold the client harmless and indemnified from and against all claims, costs and charges under Workmen’s Compensation Act, and any enactment for the time being in force in that behalf and any amendments thereof and the expenses to which it shall be put there under, both in respect of personal injuries (within the meaning of the said act) to the employees and workers of Interazzo, sub-contractors, if any, and/or permitted assigns, arising out of or occasioned during the currency of this contract, through the acts, or omissions whether due to negligence or otherwise of Interazzo, sub-contractor(s), in carrying out any of the provisions of this contract. Interazzo shall further indemnify the client against such claims from third parties in respect of injuries arising out of or occasioned through the acts and omissions, whether due to negligence or otherwise, of Interazzo, sub-contractors, permitted assigns and/or his servants and employees in carrying out any of the provisions of this contract. Interazzo will be responsible for any accidental/other damage to properties (lifts, common areas etc.) or other people’s property by workers of Interazzo.



  1. 5% has to be paid before starting the design.
  2. 45% has to be paid after the design is finalised. Before procuring the carcass material e.g. Plywood & laminates.
  3. 45% has to be paid after the Carcass is ready. Before procuring the hardware e.g. Hinges, Drawer Channels, Sliding Mechanism and Tandems.
  4. 5% has to be paid after completion of the work. Payment should be clear on the same day of handover.
  5. All payments has to be made in favour of Interazzo Decor and Furnishing Private Limited.



  • Once production phase is initiated at factory, no designs changes will be entertained.
  • We are happy to inform you that we strictly follow 45-150 working Days Delivery (post design sign-off) for every project considering that there shouldn’t be any hindrance in work due to builder, owner and payment.
  • We stick to the terms and conditions set by the builder. If any hindrance due to builder, owner & payment occurs, pay back policy becomes null & void.



  1. The parties shall use their best endeavour to settle amicably amongst themselves any and all disputes arising out of or the interpretation thereof. Any outstanding dispute shall be settling by sole Arbitration appointed by the Company in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996 the venue for arbitration shall be Bangalore and language shall be English. The cost of the said proceeding shall be borne equally by the parties. However, each party shall bear its own expenses in the prosecution or be defending a claim in the event of the claim by a party is frivolous, substantially or without merit, such party shall reimburse the cost of the other party.
  2. All disputes are subject to Bengaluru Jurisdiction only.
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